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TR Electrical  believes in the rights of all people.

TR Electrical is totally committed to the spirit of the Employment Equity Act and therefore strives to build an organization, which reflects the demographics of South Africa, as well as maximize talents and potential of all employees.

This commitment shall be actioned through all the policies and procedures.

It is also the belief of TR Electrical  that the company cannot operate in a vacuum and is an integral part of the community. As such, TR Electrical will actively support disadvantaged communities.

TR Electrical is committed to ensuring that all activities of the organization are carried out in a systematic manner in accordance with defined and documented policies. This is done in order to meet the client needs as well as applicable legislative requirements (in this case, SANS 0142).

TR Electrical realizes that quality is the responsibility of all personnel, and therefore promotes a quality culture within the organization by means of sharing information, involving staff members in decision making, and delegating specific Quality Management functions.




Post connection under eskom  Mr Majadibodu FS  year 2016

Electrification of Makgobathe village  under Eskom  Mr Julian Alson                    

Electrification of Tukakgomo 2   village under Eskom Mr Marakalla Johannes  year    2016

Electrification of sebjeng ext under Eskom Mr kekana LD  year 2017

Electrification of Radali under  Thulamela municipality  Mr Dzivhani                  year  2007






Electrification of Sasekani Mthlaba  Eskom  2006-2007  Kuthlano consulting  Electrification of Sefene phase 2 Eskom  2008  Bali Engineering 

Electrification of Tshilapfene Thulamela Municipalty 2008 Mphaphuli Consulting

Electrification of Zwigodini and Main line Mutale Municipalty  2008 Roshcon 

Minor Retic for Eskom 2007-2009 Bele Lucas

Street light Land fill Thulamela Municipalty 2006-2007 Raphal Consulting

Street light Mvudi Park Thulamela Municipalty 2008 Mutheo Consulting

Street light Maintenance Thulamela Municipalty  2008-2009 Raphal Consulting

Electrification of Tshikalini eskom projects under Ravele NV 

Electrification of Tshifhefhe  eskom projects under Ravele NV 

Electrification of  Domboni   eskom projects under Ravele NV 

Electrification of  Maskona   eskom projects under Ravele NV 

Electrification of  Tshidzini   eskom projects under Ravele NV 

Minor Retic for Eskom  under Sefara Jacop,Reneilwe,Dama livhuwani

Wood pole replacement Eskom project under Claudett and funani Nemavhadwa.

Post Connection Eskom projects  under Ravele N.V 



Mission Statement

 To create jobs and end poverty in our country.
 Keep our youth out of the street and crime by training and giving them skills.
 To have our clients as an integral part of our whole services provision process.
 To make innovative use of our experience, human skills and other technological resources to deliver excellent and high quality products and services to our clients.
 Being performance driven and striving for excellence in our service provision.
 Striving towards intelligent solution through capacity building from strategic relationship we have with clients and partners.
 Striving towards attraction through retention of skilled staff.
 Adding value towards social uplifted of society.


To be the most competitive and innovative firm in the market. This will be achieved through harnessing our expertise by applying the unique and innovative skills where-ever we operate.


The company is working towards providing employment opportunities for the previously disadvantaged individuals

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TR Electrical CC is a  company with more than 10 years of experience in helping  people with their electrical-related problems and malfunctions. During our work we helped a huge number of people and have garnered a reputation as a stable company with a team of real skilled experts who don’t fear any difficulties..